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Nga Do

Executive Senior Editors

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Evelyn Gemberling


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Sona Sulakian

Executive Submissions Editor

Michelle Ong

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Andrew Henderson
Quinn Gardner

Senior Submissions Editors

Johnathan Bender
Francesca Sadler


Senior Diversity Chair

Alexander Tron

Senior Content Editor

Brianna Logan

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Jaycee Yao

Staff Editors

Jonathan Cordero

Kailani Humeston

Justina Huang

Rachel J. Kartin

Sofia Katouli

Chany Kim

Shawn Kim

Cassandra Kline

Corey Larez

Aris Mangasarian

Harut Margaryan

Addison Morris


Elisabeth Nations

Khadijah Omerdin

Ravina Patel

Meredith Rasmussen

Katherine Sims

Ben Spillman

Leilani Stacy

Rae Williams

Jason Wu

Cara Yi

Carolyn Young

Faculty Advisor

David B. Cruz


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Maia Armaleo

Published Three Times Annually by the Students of
Gould School Law
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California 90089-0071



USC Gould School of Law announces new Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
June 20, 2022

Innovative undergraduate degree provides comprehensive foundation in law and legal infrastructure


Alumni Association’s past president John Iino joins USC Board of Trustees
June 17, 2022

The globally respected lawyer has a long record of advocacy in diversity, equity and inclusion.


Spotlight journal goes online
June 15, 2022

Digital format for entertainment law journal is sustainable and more visible