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Big Law Business
November 16, 2018
Re: Gregory Keating

Gregory Keating was quoted about the potential of legal fraud in wake of the wildfires devastating California. “They might fork over fees they’ll never see again to shady parties who may or may not actually be members of the bar. They might agree to exclusive representation with some lawyer,” Keating said. “Offhand, one would guess that predatory behavior in connection with insurance proceeds or obtaining the full panoply of government benefits is what a lawyer would promise.”


Sam Erman
September, 2018

Sam Erman wrote an op-ed, "Devastation Without Representation in Puerto Rico," posted to The Los Angeles Times on September 20, 2018.

Gregory Keating
September, 2018

"Justice for Guinea Pigs," Michigan Legal Theory Workshop, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI.

Jody David Armour
September, 2018

"Where Bias Lives in the Criminal Law and its Processes: How Judges and Jurors Socially Construct Black Criminals," American Journal of Criminal Law 45 (2018): 203.