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Center for Transnational Law and Business (CTLB)

About the Center

The Center for Transnational Law and Business (CTLB) promotes world-class policy analysis, research and educational opportunities in international business, law and policy. The center serves USC, the broader community of Southern California, the nation and the world.

CTLB provides a scholarly home for the development of practical solutions for global businesses, which face regulation by numerous and varied legal regimes. The center facilitates expanded interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching and research, and brings together leading academics, practitioners and policymakers from across the country and the world.

The center's activities include:

  • the production of scholarly research and policy proposals on transnational business law issues
  • the convening of government officials, lawyers and business people for conversation and debate
  • the training of a new generation of domestic and foreign attorneys and policymakers for leadership in global law and business

Brian Peck is director of the center, and brings international experience and expertise. He served as former deputy director of international affairs and business development for California Gov. Jerry Brown and as senior director at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Transnational Law and Business Certificate for JD and LLM Students

In the Fall of 2017 the Center for Transnational Law and Business launched a Transnational Law and Business Certificate that resident JD and LLM students can earn concurrently with their USC Gould School of Law degree. Earning a certificate in Transnational Law and Business provides students with an interdisciplinary, global perspective on how to facilitate an organization's engagement in the global marketplace by focusing on developing skills in understanding and integrating relevant laws, policies and business best practices that shape international commerce.

The certificate offers students a credential that demonstrates specialized training in transnational law, cross-border transactions, as well as the organizational, transactional and compliance aspects of servicing globally engaged clients.

For more information, please check the appropriate link below:

Conference on Competition Policy, Tech and IP

The Center for Transnational Law and Business hosted a conference on the Application of Competition Policy to Technology and IP Licensing on Friday, November 10, 2017, at the USC Gould School of Law. The Conference provided a full day of panels comprised of regulators from several international jurisdictions, in-house attorneys, law firm lawyers, economists and academic experts discussing matters related to the legal, economic and business impact that the intersection of competition policy and IP has on technology and IP licensing.

Keynote speaker Assistant Attorney General Makan Delharim gave a speech which indicated a significant policy shift in terms of the role of antitrust rules in the context of IP in the technology sector.

Conference panel topics included:

  • The Revised DOJ/FTC Antitrust Guidelines for IP Licensing
  • A Roundtable of International Competition Officials on the Extraterritorial Antitrust Regulation of IP Licensing Agreements
  • Recent Jurisprudence Related to SEPs in International Jurisdictions
  • Intersection Between IP and Competition Policy: SEPs and FRAND Licensing

Featured speakers included Claudia Berg, of the Competition & Markets Authority, U.K.; Kathleen Bradish, of the International Section, U.S. Dept. of Justice; Ian Connor, of the Bureau of Competition, U.S. Federal Trade Commission; Roger Featherston, of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission; Hiroyuki Odagiri of the Japan Fair Trade Commission; and Yuanting Wang, of the Anti-Monopoly Bureau, Ministry of Commerce, China.

View videos of the panel sessions

Download speaker conference materials:

Conference on Antitrust Enforcement in a Global Context: Extraterritoriality and Due Process

The Center held its inaugural conference on Antitrust Enforcement in a Global Context: Extraterritoriality and Due Process on January 13 and 14, 2017 at USC Gould.

Executives from Uber Technologies, Google, Amazon and Essential Patent led panel discussions on issues and challenges that companies face in addressing global antitrust enforcement, focusing on transparency, due process and comity in global antitrust proceedings. Panelists included regulators from several international jurisdictions, as well as in-house counsel, law firm attorneys and academics from around the world including China, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Brazil, India, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. The discussions spoke directly to the important and consequential legal questions that are affecting global business activity and the world economy.

Leading experts at the conference included Maureen Ohlhausen, Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission; Hideo Nakajima, Secretary General of the Japan Fair Trade Commission; Vicky Eatrides, Deputy Commissioner of the Canadian Competition Bureau; Andy Chen, Former Commissioner, Taiwan Fair Trade Commission; Lynda Marshall, Acting Chief, Foreign Commerce Section of the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division; and Yiqin Zhao, Director of Economic Inspection Division, Competition Enforcement Bureau, State Administration for Industry & Commerce, China.

Video of Day 1 panel sessions featuring regulators and practitioners can be viewed here.



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