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Working Paper Series
Center for Law and Social Science (CLASS)

2012 USC Legal Studies Working Paper Series

12-1 Mary L. Dudziak, War-Time: An Idea, Its History, Its Consequences, reprinted from War-Time: An Idea, its History, Its Consequences (Oxford University Press, 2012).

12-2 Andrei Marmor, Farewell to Conceptual Analysis (in Jurisprudence).

12-3 John G. Matsusaka and Oguzhan Ozbas, Shareholder Empowerment: The Right to Approve and the Right to Propose.

12-4 Daniel Klerman, Personal Jurisdiction and Product Liability.

12-5 Camille Gear Rich, Innocence Interrupted: Reconstructing Fatherhood in the Shadow of Child Molestation.

12-6 Iva Bozovic and Gillian K. Hadfield, Scaffolding: Using Formal Contracts to Build Informal Relations in Support of Innovation.

12-7 Mary L. Dudziak, Law, Power, and "Rumors of War": Robert Jackson Confronts Law and Security After Nuremberg (60 Buff. L. Rev. 367 (2012)).

12-8 Andrei Marmor, Varieties of Vagueness in the Law.

12-9 Edward D. Kleinbard and Joseph Rosenberg, The Better Base Case (Tax Notes, June 4, 2012, p. 1237).

12-10 Edward J. McCaffery, What Sports Can Teach Tax Policymakers: Lessons from the Luxury Tax.

12-11 George Lefcoe, Redevelopment in California: Its Abrupt Termination and a Texas-Inspired Proposal for a Fresh Start.

12-12 Joshua D. Blank and Nancy Staudt, Corporate Shams (forthcoming in 87 NYU Law Rev. (2012)).

12-13 Andrei Marmor, Textualism in Context.

12-14 Elizabeth Garrett, Campaign Finance in the Hybrid Realm of Recall Elections (prepared for A More Perfect Union? Democracy in the Age of Ballot Initiatives, forthcoming in Minnesota Law Rev. (2013)).

12-15 Jonathan Barnett, Hollywood Deals: Soft Contracts for Hard Markets.

12-16 Edward D. Kleinbard, Tax Fairness and Fairness in Tax Data Reporting.

12-17 Edward J. McCaffery, The Dirty Little Secret of (Estate) Tax Reform (65 Stan. L. Rev. Online 21, August 14, 2012).

12-18 Edward D. Kleinbard, Paul Ryan's Roadmap to Inequality (136 Tax Notes 1195 (2012)).

12-19 Camille Gear Rich, Racial Commodification in the Era of Elective Race: Affirmative Action and the Lesson of Elizabeth Warren.

12-20 Kim S. Buchanan, Engendering Rape (59 UCLA L. Rev. 1630 (2012)).

12-21 Dennis Lu and Guofu Tan, Economics and Private Antitrust Litigation in China.

12-22 Edward D. Kleinbard, Stateless Income's Challenge to Tax Policy, Part 2 (Tax Notes, September 17, 2012, p. 1431).

12-23 Nomi Maya Stolzenberg, Political Theology With a Difference (forthcoming in U.C. Irvine Law Rev.).

12-24 David B. Cruz, Repealing Rights: Proposition 8, Perry, and Crawford Contextualized (forthcoming, NYU Review of Law and Social Change: Symposium Issue, Vol. 37, Issue 2).

12-25 Gregory C. Keating, Is the Role of Tort to Repair Wrongful Losses? (Chapter 13 in Donal Nolan and Andrew Robertson, eds., Rights and Private Law (Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing, 2012), pp. 367-405).

12-26 Gillian K. Hadfield, The Cost of Law: Promoting Access to Justice through the Corporate Practice of Law.



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