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Legislative Policy Practicum     LAW-865

The Legislative Policy Practicum provides students with an opportunity to participate in real-world advocacy on juvenile justice issues.  Students will observe and participate in many facets of the legislative and regulatory processes and policy advocacy, and should be available to travel to Sacramento for hearings and meetings with legislators. Students will be directly involved in the legislative process in some or all of the following ways:

Strategic Policy Advocacy

Students may be asked to (1) identify potential areas for juvenile justice reform; (2) research and evaluate potential legislative solutions; and (3) develop short-term and long-term strategies for the implementation of proposed reforms.

The Legislative Process

Students may be asked to (1) research and draft legislative language for a proposed bill; (2) respond to proposed amendments and opposition to the bill; (3) develop and draft legislative testimony; (4) collaborate with stakeholders; (5) develop grassroots support; and (5) work directly with legislators and staff.

Units 3
Grading Options Numeric only
Exam Type None
Writing Requirement No
Skills/Experiential Requirement Yes

Grading Options: vary with the professor

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