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Legal Innovations Lab     LAW-854

Legal technology is transforming the practice, economics, and reach of the legal system. This class operates as a legal technology incubator, or workshop, in which students will generate innovations to solve a legal problem, such as improving access to justice, handling commercial information through artificial intelligence and big data, or providing better platforms for people in poor and developing countries to connect to the global economy or protect human rights. Early classes will focus on the ideation of a legal startup. Students will learn about how to identify pain points and explore the relevant technologies at their disposal. Then, students will work in teams to implement human-centered design in developing working prototypes of solutions such as transactional platforms, smartphone apps, or services that address a significant legal need or problem. Classmates and guest speakers will provide feedback to shape the ideas into viable business plans. The final project will be a pitch to convince the class and a panel of judges, comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, and regulators, to adopt the solution.

Units 2, 3
Grading Options Numeric or CR/D/F
Exam Type None
Writing Requirement No
Skills/Experiential Requirement Yes
Enrollment Limit 20

Grading Options: vary with the professor

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