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Environmental Law     LAW-655

This introductory course will focus on public policy and day-to-day practice. It covers a combination of regulatory and private law, with a special emphasis on disputes and regulations involving contamination in soil, water and air. Students will analyze a number of federal and state statutes and regulations dictating how hazardous materials should be handled, treated, disposed of, and remedied when pollution occurs. The class will cover the “Superfund” law, hazardous waste laws, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, federal and state statutes regarding environmental impacts of government decision making, the common law of nuisance and trespass, the Endangered Species Act, laws governing public warnings of potential health risks, principles of environmental justice, global climate change, criminal enforcement of environmental laws, and international environmental law. The class will also cover the history and policy underpinnings of environmental regulations and restrictions and will focus on the frequent conflicts between competing public policy goals.

Units 2, 3, 4
Grading Options Numeric or CR/D/F
Exam Type In-class Exam or Paper
Writing Requirement Yes, with submission of the Upper Division Writing Form
Skills/Experiential Requirement No

Grading Options: vary with the professor

Professors Teaching This Course