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Faculty Scholarship

USC Law faculty is committed to scholarship, publishing articles in a variety of journals and reviews. Faculty members also present their work at conferences and symposiums and serve on panel discussions and at workshops. Below is a list of their endeavors.

August 2014


  • Edward Kleinbard

    “Competitiveness Has Nothing to Do With It,” Tax Notes

  • Donald Scotten

    “Employment Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions,” California Business Law Practitioner


  • Thomas D. Lyon

    "Do Attorneys Use Interview Instructions or Build Rapport with Child Witnesses?" Behavioral Sciences & the Law (with E.C. Ahern & S. N. Stolzenberg)

Working Papers

  • Daria Roithmayr

    “More Than a Woman: Insights into Corporate Governance after the French Sex Quota,” posted to SSRN and BePress (with Darren Rosenblum)

  • Dan Simon

    “Judicial Overstating,” posted to SSRN and BePress (with Nicholas Scurich)


  • Judy Davis

    “Internet Legal Research on a Budget: How to Effectively Use Free and Low Cost Resources,” ABA Webinar (with Carole Levitt)

  • Hannah Garry

    "Humanitarian Aid and International Humanitarian Law," at a screening of the documentary, "Access to the Danger Zone," American Red Cross Los Angeles Region

  • Yoon-Ho Alex Lee

    “The Efficiency Criterion of Securities Regulation: Investor Welfare or Total Surplus?” Faculty Development Workshop, Wake Forest School of Law

  • Thomas D. Lyon

    “Child Witnesses: Suggestibility, Reliability, and Competency,”  Riverside County District Attorney’s Office

  • Thomas D. Lyon

    “Improving Child Interviewing,” Covina Domestic Violence Action Coalition


  • Gillian Hadfield

    Gillian Hadfield was appointed to the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Justice and the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Research Consortium.

  • Edward Kleinbard

    Ed Kleinbard’s book, We Are Better Than This: How Government Should Spend Our Money, is now shipping from online retailers. The official publication date remains Oct. 1.


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