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The USC Gould School of Law faculty is nationally recognized for its scholarship in many fields including administrative law, constitutional law, bankruptcy and corporate law, intellectual property, law and race, and taxation. Interdisciplinary scholarship in law and economics, law and history, law and philosophy, law and politics, and law and psychology has long been a signature of the school. Many USC faculty members have doctorates in other academic disciplines, and hold joint appointments in other USC departments and at the California Institute of Technology. USC's small faculty-student ratio enables students to work closely with top scholars and practitioners in both classroom and clinical settings.

  • Jody David Armour

    San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    December 14, 2014

    re: Jody David Armour

    Jody Armour was quoted about a legal case involving an Alhambra police officer. “It seems on the scales of justice, there’s a thumb in favor of law enforcement. There’s an inherent conflict of interest. Maybe consciously or unconsciously, they may not be as zealous in going after a co-worker or professional family member that they would going after someone else,” Armour said.

  • Jody David Armour

    NOS (Netherlands)

    December 12, 2014

    re: Jody David Armour

    Jody Armour was quoted about police violence inciting a "moral revolution" in American society. “The earlies urban riots, racial riots in the 1960s involved police encounters with a citizen; it didn’t go to trial, but the Black Citizen’s League got very upset and started marching, starting rioting. It was an early kind of harbinger to a [moral revolution],” Armour said.


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