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Disability Accommodations

USC Law is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for members of the student body who have disabilities, to ensure that students are given an equal opportunity for learning and pursuing their academic interests. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, permanent or temporary physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and pregnancy.

The general procedure for obtaining accommodations is:

  • The student should contact the USC Disability Services and Programs office (DSP) http://sait.usc.edu/academicsupport/centerprograms/dsp/home_index.html and meet with a DSP Counselor to discuss the student's request for accommodations. All students requesting permanent or temporary accommodations must register with DSP to be eligible for accommodations.
  • The DSP Counselor will guide the student through the steps necessary for processing the request.
  • Once DSP approves the request, DSP will prepare a letter listing the accommodations for which the student is eligible. DSP will notify the student that the letter is available in hard copy at the DSP office or electronically through the DSP website.
  • The student should fill out the law school's Disability Accommodations Request form (DAR), available in Room 104, and should submit that form and the DSP approval letter to the law school's Student Services Office in Room 104. The student should not discuss his or her accommodations with faculty or submit the DSP approval letter to faculty. This may compromise the law school's blind grading policy.
  • The student must submit a DAR form and updated DSP approval letter for each semester in which the student requests disability accommodations. We strongly urge all students to submit the DAR form and DSP approval letter as early in each semester as possible, and no later than the schedule petition deadline.

The law school handles administration of examinations for all law students, including those students who receive examination accommodations. Students with disabilities are expected to comply fully with all law school examination policies and deadlines.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, all law school programs and activities are available to students without regard to individual disabilities.

Students with questions about accommodations or disabilities should contact the Academic Support staff in Room 104 or by calling 213-740-6314.

Additional Resources for Law Students with Disabilities

The National Association of Law Students with Disabilities aims to support law students with disabilities by providing mentors, studying and survival tips for law school, and career advice for the legal profession. Information about NALSWD can be found at: http://www.nalswd.org.

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