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Binding Early Decision Program Details


  • The application will be available on September 1, 2016
  • The application deadline is November 15, 2016
  • The application must be complete by December 1, 2016
  • A candidate will be notified of USC Gould’s decision by December 16, 2016
  • A candidate must submit the required Enrollment Confirmation Form online, and pay a $1,000.00 seat deposit by January 8, 2017.


  • You may apply to only one law school early decision program. You are still eligible to apply to regular decision programs at other law schools.
  • Upon notification of acceptance, you must agree to attend USC Gould and immediately withdraw all other law school applications.
  • You must agree to refrain from initiating new law school applications.
  • Admitted students are guaranteed a scholarship award of at least one-half tuition.

Admissions Criteria

A Binding Early Decision candidate is evaluated using the same criteria as applicants who apply during the regular admissions cycle. Admission to USC Gould is highly competitive, and the Admissions Committee will consider a Binding Early Decision candidate’s enthusiasm and strong interest in attending USC as factors in the admission process.

Admissions Decisions

A Binding Early Decision candidate will be admitted, denied or rolled-over to the regular admission pool. An applicant who is rolled-over can continue to consider other law school options, including initiating new applications. An applicant not admitted under our program is not bound by the terms of the Binding Early Decision Agreement. Denied applicants MAY NOT re-apply via the regular decision application.


USC Gould reserves the right to revoke an admission offer if a candidate fails to comply with any of the application instructions. At the Dean’s or Admissions Committee’s discretion, the law school may also provide the names of applicants admitted through the Binding Early Decision program to other schools upon request.

Financial Aid Consideration

A Binding Early Decision candidate who is admitted is guaranteed at least a one-half tuition scholarship and will be notified of their scholarship award prior to the deposit deadline. The scholarship amount will be determined based on the cost of tuition for the first year of law school and will not increase in subsequent years. However, if you wish to have multiple admission offers to compare, then our Binding Early Decision program is not the best fit for you.

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