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Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was established in 1911 and is a leading university in Asia. It is linked with over 80 partner institutions in 15 countries and has exchange programs with prominent universities worldwide. Law courses at HKU are taught in English. The HKU law department emphasizes research, liberal education, quality teaching, student-based learning, interactive participation and international exposure. The Faculty is also the host to many internationally distinguished scholars and academic conferences each year. For more information about HKU, please visit the University of Hong Kong website.

USC J.D. students select and enroll in standard law courses offered by the law department at HKU. The current list of courses can be found online. Students complete the equivalent of 12 to 15 USC Law units during their semester abroad at the HKU. Students will be granted 1 USC unit for every 2 HKU units. A typical USC student will take 4 or 5 HKU courses, which amounts to 24-30 HKU units.

Students may enroll in non-law courses while abroad, but they will not receive credit on the USC transcript for any language, culture, or other non-law courses. University policy prohibits study abroad students from enrolling concurrently in on- and off- campus units. For example, J.D. students may not be enrolled in journal units during their semester abroad, even if classroom attendance is not required in conjunction with the units.

Information sessions are held each fall for current J.D. students on the study abroad opportunities available through USC Gould School of Law. Current students may view detailed policies and application materials on the law school portal.

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