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Tuition & Financial Aid

The 2016-17 tuition is $59,576 plus the mandatory fees for the academic year. Students should budget $18,000-$25,000 in addition to tuition costs for living expenses, books and school supplies.

USC LL.M. Scholar Awards

All USC LL.M. applicants receive automatic consideration for our USC LL.M. Scholar merit-based scholarship awards. No application is necessary. Those who are awarded a scholarship will be notified upon receiving their offer of admission. Awards are typically offered in the amount of 10% to 50% of the cost of tuition. While applicants are welcome to submit a brief letter about their scholarship qualifications through LSAC when applying to the LL.M. program, this is not required. Please contact gipadmissions@law.usc.edu if you have any scholarship questions.

USC Global LL.M. Awards

In addition to the USC LL.M. Scholar Awards mentioned above, all USC LL.M. applicants also receive automatic consideration for our specialized Global LL.M. awards listed below. Like the LL.M. Scholar Awards, there is no need to submit anything extra in order to be considered. Our Admissions Committee will select approximately 1-2 outstanding applicants with excellent academic and professional credentials from the regions listed below to receive our special Global LL.M. awards. These awards will be offered in the amount of 50% of the cost of tuition for the year. Award recipients of our USC Global LL.M. Awards must have earned a first law degree or the equivalent at the time of enrollment, in order to be eligible to receive an award.

Award recipients will either receive a USC LL.M. Scholar Award or a USC Global LL.M. Award, but are not eligible to receive both awards. Scholarship awards will be disbursed in the form of tuition remission with half of the amount to be credited to the fall semester and half of the amount to be credited to the spring semester.

  • USC LL.M. Brazil Award
  • USC LL.M. Latin America Award
  • USC LL.M. Europe Award
  • USC LL.M. Africa Award
  • USC LL.M. China Award
  • USC LL.M. Central Asia Award
  • USC LL.M. East Asia Award
  • USC LL.M. Southeast Asia Award
  • USC LL.M. Middle East Award
  • USC LL.M Australia & New Zealand Award
  • USC LL.M. Mexico Award - LL.M. applicants from Mexico receive scholarships through USC as well as joint loan opportunities through FUNED and FIDERH organizations in Mexico. Please click here for more information about these loan opportunities.
  • E-Fellows Scholar Award for German Applicants - LL.M. applicants who are E-Fellows scholars will receive scholarship awards from USC. More information can be found here.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

In addition to the scholarships provided by USC Gould School of Law, applicants are encouraged to seek financial aid funds from additional sources in their home countries. Please click here for a list of sample international scholarship opportunities.

Tuition Payment Plan Option

The Office of Student Financial Services at USC provides students with information regarding student accounts, tuition payment plans, and payment options. The Student Financial Services Office may be reached at: (213) 740-7471 or by visiting their website.

USC offers a payment plan option. Students can enroll in an interest-free USC Payment Plan to pay for tuition, fees, university housing, meal plans, and other miscellaneous university charges in monthly installments. Detailed information about the plan can be found online at the USC Student Financial Services website listed above.

On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is available to international students at USC. While students may seek part-time employment to supplement their personal funds, they should not expect to support their tuition and living expenses through on-campus employment. On-campus jobs are posted on the ConnectSC website.

Please click here for additional on-campus employment opportunities.

Student Loan Application Process

To determine eligibility status and initiate the financial aid process, students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application can be completed as early as January 1st of the year in which you intend to enroll. USC's school code is 001328. Do not delay submission of the FAFSA because you have not yet filed your federal income tax return. Instead, use your best estimates of income. To electronically sign your FAFSA, you will need your four digit federal PIN. If you do not have one or you do not remember your PIN, you can request a new or duplicate one with the U.S. Department of Education.

After you have successfully completed the FAFSA, you will receive an electronic notification from the USC Gould School of Law School Financial Aid Office with additional information and instructions on the federal loan application process.

Private Educational Loans

Another option for students who need to finance their law studies is private educational loans offered by lenders. For more information about private financing opportunities for international and domestic students, please click here.

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