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Scholarship Archives

Faculty Scholarship

USC Law faculty is committed to scholarship, publishing articles in a variety of journals and reviews. Faculty members also present their work at conferences and symposiums and serve on panel discussions and at workshops. Below is a list of their endeavors.

October 2016


  • Rebecca Brown

    "The Harm Principle and Free Speech." Southern California Law Review 89 (2016): 953.

  • Dan Simon

    "The Elasticity of Preferences" (with Stephen A. Spiller). Psychological Science. Prepublished October 20, 2016.

Working Papers


  • Gregory Keating

    “Products Liability As Enterprise Liability," Faculty Workshop at Wake Forest University School of Law.

  • Yoon-Ho Alex Lee

    “Litigation and Settlement with Correlated Two-Sided Asymmetric Information.” Law and Economics Colloquium, University of Virginia School of Law.

  • Camille Gear Rich

    “Room For Rent – Racial Resentment and Air BnB,” Fordham University School of Law.

  • Camille Gear Rich

    “Trump-ing Whiteness: Unpacking White Racial Rage in the 2016 Election Season,” Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

  • Dan Simon

    “Decision Making by Constraint Satisfaction.” USC Marshall School of Business, Marketing area brown bag series, Los Angeles, CA.


  • Julie A. Ryan

    Julie Ryan's article, "New Finders Exemption Awaiting Final Regulations," was published in The State Bar of California Business Law Section E-News ad the Los Angeles County Bar E-News.

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