Daniel Klerman

Charles L. and Ramona I. Hilliard Professor of Law and HistoryUSC Gould School of Law

Daniel Klerman
Work: (213) 740-7973
Fax: (213) 740-5502
699 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0074 USA Room: 460
Personal Website: http://www.klerman.com

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last updated Mon, Mar 30, 2015

Daniel Klerman teaches Civil Procedure, Choice of Law, English Legal History, and Law, Language and Values.

In 2014, he received the Student Bar Association (SBA) Faculty Appreciation (“Outstanding Professor”) Award.

Professor Klerman’s scholarship concentrates on English legal history, civil procedure, and law and economics. His publications include "Personal Jurisdiction and Product Liability” (Southern California Law Review 2012), “Legal Origin or Colonial History?” (Journal of Legal Analysis, 2011, with Paul Mahoney, Holger Spamann and Mark Weinstein), and “Jurisdictional Competition and the Evolution of the Common Law" (University of Chicago Law Review, 2007).

In 2004, he was awarded the Sutherland Prize from the American Society for Legal History for best article on English legal history. In 2001, he received the David Yale Prize from the Selden Society for distinguished contribution to the history of the laws and legal institutions of England and Wales.

Professor Klerman served on the Board of Directors of the American Law & Economics Association from 2009-2012 and was co-president of the Society for Empirical Legal Studies in 2008-09. He is on the editorial boards of Law & History Review and Journal of Legal Analysis. He is a member of the American Law Institute (ALI) and served as USC Law's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 2009-2011. 

Professor Klerman received his B.A. from Yale University and his J.D. and Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago. He clerked for The Honorable Richard A. Posner, judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and for The Honorable John Paul Stevens, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. In addition to USC Law School, he has taught at the University of Chicago Law School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, the California Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University Law School, and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Works in Progress

  • “Inside the Caucus: An Empirical Analysis of Mediation from within” (with Lisa Klerman) - (SSRN)
  • “The Priest-Klein Hypotheses” (with Yoon-Ho Alex Lee) - (SSRN)


  • "Forum Selling," Southern California Law Review (forthcoming) (with Greg Reilly)
  • "The Economics of Civil Procedure," Annual Review of Law and Social Science (forthcoming)
  • "Walden vFiore and the Federal Courts: Rethinking FRCP 4(k)(1)(A) and Stafford v. Briggs", Lewis & Clark Law Review (forthcoming 2015) (Symposium Issue) - (SSRN)
  • Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Property, in Law and Economics of Possession, ed. Yun-chien Chang (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2015) - (SSRN)
  • "Economics of Legal History," in Oxford Handbook of Law & Economics, Francesco Parisi, ed., (forthcoming) - (SSRN)
  • Economics of Legal History, ed. Daniel Klerman, in Economic Analysis of Law series, eds. Francesco Parisi and Richard Posner (Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2015)
  • "Inferences from Litigated Cases", 43 Journal of Legal Studies 209-48 (2014) (lead article) (with Yoon-Ho Alex Lee) - (PDF)
  • “Rethinking Personal Jurisdiction,” Journal of Legal Analysis (2014) - (PDF)
  • "An Economic Analysis of Subject Matter Jurisdiction Waiver: A Response to Professor Beuhler", 89 Washington Law Review Online 1 (2014) - (PDF)
  • "Reading, Writing, and Questions in Advance: Teaching English Legal History", Symposium on Teaching Legal History, 53 American Journal of Legal History 466 (2013)
    - (Hein)
  • "Personal Jurisdiction and Product Liability", 85 Southern California Law Review 1551-1596 (2012). - (Hein)
  • "The Selection of Thirteenth-Century Disputes for Litigation," 9 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 320-346 (2012) - (PDF)
  • "Legal Origin or Colonial History?", 3 Journal of Legal Analysis 379-409 (2011) (with Paul Mahoney, Holger Sapmann, and Mark Weinstein) - (Hein)
  • "Corruption and Private Law Enforcement: Theory and History", 6 Review of Law & Economics 75-96 (2010) (with Nuno Garoupa). - (PDF)
  • "The Emergence of English Commercial Law: Analysis Inspired by the Ottoman Experience", 71 Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 638-646 (2009) - (www)
  • "Jurisdictional Competition and the Evolution of the Common Law", 74 University of Chicago Law Review 1179 (2007). - (Hein)
  • "Legal Origin?", 35 Journal of Comparative Economics 278-293 (2007) (with Paul Mahoney). - (www)
  • "Legal Infrastructure, Judicial Independence, and Economic Development", 19 Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal 427-34 (2007). - (Hein)
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  • "Women Prosecutors in Thirteenth-Century England", 14 Yale Journal of Law and Humanities 271 (2002). - (Hein)
  • "Optimal Law Enforcement with a Rent-Seeking Government", 4 American Law and Economics Review 116 (2002) (with Nuno Garoupa). - (www)
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  • Book reviews and other minor works can be downloaded from here