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Media and Entertainment Law Courses

USC offers a wide variety of courses for those students interested in Entertainment and Media Law. It is highly recommended that students with an interest in the transactional elements of entertainment and media law practice take one or more of the transactional skills courses listed below, which are practice-oriented workshops that emphasize contract drafting and analysis, negotiation and deal structures. All students can gain further practical experience through participation in the Intellectual Property and Technology Clinic or legal externships. Additionally, students can take selected courses at USC's renowned School of Cinematic Arts. For students who want to obtain a more structured, in-depth immersion into the field, USC offers a Certificate in Media and Entertainment Law, which requires completion of a curriculum designed to prepare students for entertainment-related areas of legal practice. Note that not all courses are offered every academic year.

Law Courses - Substantive Law Courses

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-839 Advanced Copyright 3
 LAW-753 Antitrust Law 3
 LAW-665 Art Law 2
 LAW-859 Communications Law: Internet, Television and Other Media 3
 LAW-841 Copyright, Trademark and Related Rights 3
 LAW-650 Entertainment Law 2
 LAW-871 First Amendment 3
 LAW-772 Intellectual Property 3
 LAW-648 Intellectual Property Licensing 2
 LAW-599 International Intellectual Property Treaty Law and Policy 2
 LAW-773 Internet Law 2
 LAW-659 Legal Issues in the Motion Picture Industry 2
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Legal and Business Issues in the Digital Age 2
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Entertainment Unions and Guilds 1
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Video Game Law 2

Law Courses - Transactional and Other Skills Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-627 Business Planning: Structuring and Financing a New Enterprise 4
 LAW-673 Deal Strategy, Structure and Negotiation 4
 LAW-815 Deals 3
 LAW-599 Digital Media Transactions: Policy and Practice 2
 LAW-690 Entertainment Law in Practice 2
 LAW-718 Sports Law in Practice 2
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Deal Structure, Drafting and Negotiation 2
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Deal Making in the Entertainment Industry 1
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Motion Picture Production, Financing and Distribution 2
 LAW-770 Technology Transactions 2
 LAW-660 Trademark Law in Practice 2

Law Courses - Clinical and Externship Opportunities

Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-651 Entertainment Practicum 1-2
 LAW-771 Intellectual Property and Technology Clinic I 4
 LAW-780 Intellectual Property and Technology Law Clinic II 4

Cinematic Arts Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
 CNTV-524 Digital Technologies and the Entertainment Industry 4, FaSp
 CNTV-525 Entertainment Marketing in Today's Environment 4, FaSp
 CNTV-523 Feature Film Financing and the Studio System 4, FaSp
 CNTV-562 Seminar in Motion Picture Business 2 or 4, (max 8), FaSp
 CNTV-563 The Business of Representation 4, FaSp
 CNTV-522 The Television Industry: Networks, Cable and the Internet 4, FaSp
 CNTV-521 The World of the Producer 4, FaSp

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