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The USC Law Curriculum:

Innovative, Interdisciplinary, Mind-Expanding

USC Law's curriculum is comprehensive, uniquely interdisciplinary, and designed to challenge—qualities that have earned us a reputation for offering the finest legal education available.

We ground students in the reality of the law: letter and spirit, theory and practice. Not only will you learn the functions and structures of legal rules and argument—you'll learn how lawyers work, through honors programs, clinics, internships, and externships.

Because we believe your legal education should be deep as well as broad, our three-year curriculum lets you specialize in traditional law or an emerging field. Our interdisciplinary focus stresses the interconnections among law and other areas, from economics and history to public policy and health care. USC Law's scholarly yet practical approach ensures that you gain the skills and perspective every lawyer needs to practice, enter public service, teach, or work in business.

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