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Certificate Programs

Build skills in dynamic areas of interest by pursuing one or more certificates offered by USC Gould. Our certificates are designed to deepen your knowledge, further prepare you for specific areas of practice and give you a leg up in your chosen career path.

We offer a wide variety of options to best suit your individual needs and career goals, from earning a certificate concurrent with a USC Gould degree, or obtaining a standalone certificate online or on campus. You may also pursue multiple certificates at the same time. Some courses count toward more than one certificate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Covering one of the fastest-growing areas of the law, the Alternative Dispute Resolution certificate offers two tracks — mediation and arbitration. Each teaches methods for resolving disagreements among parties instead of through costly, time-consuming lawsuits. The certificate instills numerous skills that are invaluable no matter what field of law you ultimately practice. It also prepares you for an array of opportunities in business.

More Information: JD | LLM | Stand-alone on Campus

Business Law

Businesses large and small require informed, resourceful legal professionals to help them thrive. Faculty with decades of wide-ranging experience teach Business Law certificate students the skills needed to apply legal concepts and strategic thinking to real-world business problems. The certificate also offers opportunities for sub-specialization in such areas as taxation, corporations, media and technology, small business or real estate.

More Information: JD | LLM | Online (For Lawyers) | Stand-alone Online (For Non-Lawyers)


This certificate is designed to instill in you the fundamental knowledge of compliance and related legal issues necessary to implement compliance protocols or programs in your current or future workplaces. The certificate offers the opportunity to pursue specific compliance-focused online classes that benefit those who work for large organizations that deal with compliance and regulatory issues on a daily basis.

More Information: Online (With LLM) | Stand-alone Online

Media and Entertainment Law

Based in the world’s entertainment capital, our Media and Entertainment Law certificate or stand-alone Entertainment Law and Industry certificate increases your fluency in laws specific to the demanding film, television and media industries. The curriculum’s practice-oriented approach gives you the problem-solving skills and business knowledge needed to navigate complex transactional and litigation practices — from intellectual property and patents to copyright infringement and First Amendment issues.

More Information: JD | LLM | Online (With LLM) | Stand-alone Online

Public Interest Law

The Public Interest Law certificate prepares you with the substantive knowledge and practical skills needed for a successful career in the nonprofit or government sectors. The certificate builds upon the school’s longstanding national leadership in public interest law. It exposes students to a wide range of substantive areas, faculty and experiences, and is augmented by a mentorship component and an enriching series of relevant speakers and events throughout the year. Courses encompass poverty, criminal justice, immigration, civil liberties, mental health, international human rights and more.

More Information: JD

Technology and Entrepreneurship Law

This certificate is designed to provide you with a powerful edge for a career as a transactional lawyer in the startup, venture capital and technology markets. A major theme is the convergence of technology and content. Taught by faculty with decades of experience, the courses focus on transactional skills through simulated negotiation, drafting and other active learning exercises. You will participate in individual and collaborative projects, and hands-on courses that mimic the experience of a junior associate.

More Information: JD | LLM

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