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Living in Los Angeles

There are few cities as dynamic, diverse, and rich in opportunity as Los Angeles to spend three years of law school immersing oneself in. Los Angeles is the ideal place to study hard (maybe even at the beach), get lost in the local culture, and plot your first big career move.

Just three miles from campus is the heart of downtown Los Angeles, an area enlivened by a sophisticated arts scene, numerous entertainment venues and world cuisine. Los Angeles is one of a very few places in the world where you could ski on snow-capped mountains in the morning and catch some waves with your surfboard in the afternoon. If activities closer to home are on your wish list, just across the street in Exposition Park, are the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center - which now houses the space shuttle Endeavour, and the LA Memorial Coliseum (home to USC Trojan football).

Living in Los Angeles means choices. Just pick a neighborhood from Downtown L.A. to Beverly Hills to Silver Lake or Pasadena to Venice Beach, Los Angeles' eclectic and varied neighborhood offer a wide range of lifestyles. Each one has housing options, shops, restaurants, and parks with its own unique flavor and vibe. Despite its status as the second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles truly is a city of neighborhoods - each with its own unique identity.

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