Nathan Goldstein '15

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Undergrad: USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

I am a USC junkie. I had the best four years here as an undergrad, and I wasn’t ready to leave. It gave me the chance to visit the law school a lot, and I really loved every faculty member I met. The environment is just so inviting and collegial. I wanted a smaller school where the faculty would know me by name, and I definitely got that. Currently, I am a staff editor on Law Review, where I am also writing my note. On the side, I work in the USC Pre-Law office, where I help assist undergrads who are looking to get admitted to law school. My best law school memory was the euphoria of finishing my first year. It takes so much hard work and effort to get through it, which makes it all the more rewarding when you walk out of your exam knowing you’ve done your best.


60º F


John Peterson

John Peterson '95
Attorney, Riley Warnock & Jacobson
USC contacts opened the door for every opportunity that I have had in my legal career.