Anand Gandhi '15

Hometown: Riverside, CA
Undergrad: UCLA

As a UCLA graduate and a resident of Southern California, I was well aware of the Trojan Network and its wealth of opportunity. That was attractive, but I also wanted a small environment where students are given personal attention. The first time I stepped on campus, I experienced a welcoming and personable aura that made me feel at home. It continues today – I enjoy coming to campus because it means I'll get to see people I love spending time with. After law school I hope to pursue a career focused on mergers and acquisitions, and helping start-up companies. I am currently on Law Review, serve as academic affairs chair for the SBA, and am president of the South Asian Law Students Association.

Law school has not only made me a better thinker, but it has empowered me to take on bigger problems in the world, and to contribute as a citizen. It is truly representative of the USC experience, and that's what makes USC such an awesome law school.


50º F


Alan Kang

Alan Kang '04
Law Offices of Alan H. Kang
I've gained a much stronger grasp of the principles, concepts, and laws taught in class.