Daria Roithmayr

Professor of Law

USC Law is the perfect fit for me. The faculty's depth in interdisciplinary scholarship is unequaled anywhere else. We pioneered the now quite widely adopted practice of bringing in legal scholars who have PhDs in other disciplines. And the degree of cross-fertilization—where colleagues who do history and economics and psychology are all focused on common law projects—is exactly what drew me here. I am passionately interested in the problem of persistent racial inequality, and this is precisely the sort of legal problem that benefits from multiple approaches—historical, psychological, economic, sociological and political. Best of all, the faculty's commitment to good teaching means that the student will see the benefit of these interdisciplinary conversations in the classroom.


61º F


Dan Woods

Dan Woods '77
Partner, Musick Peeler
Surprisingly, one of my fondest memories of law school is the work we did on the law review.