Niles Pierson '15

Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Undergrad: UC Berkeley

I came to USC because of the national and regional reputation; I stayed because of the people. Since joining Gould, I've found it to be an intellectually enriching and socially stimulating environment. I've never before had the pleasure of meeting so many smart, hardworking people, who also know not to take themselves too seriously.

My time here has been positively serendipitous. I received a summer fellowship, which allowed me to intern with both a major law firm and the in-house law department of a private company. I have also worked as a professor’s research assistant and as a Southern California Law Review staff member. I've been active in student groups too, such as the Government Law Organization, Public Interest Law Foundation, and Black Law Student Association. These experiences have helped me hone my research skills and develop a professional network, the two most valuable assets any lawyer can have.


63º F


Dan Woods

Dan Woods '77
Partner, Musick Peeler
Surprisingly, one of my fondest memories of law school is the work we did on the law review.