Thai Phan '15

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Undergrad: UCLA

As someone who went to a large public university, I knew that I wanted a more intimate learning environment with greater access to professors and career services. This is exactly what I have found at USC Gould. The professors and students are so open, caring and always willing to help. As a small community, it’s easy to get involved. I am now the auction chair for the Public Interest Law Foundation as well as a mentor for the Women’s Law Association. It’s funny because people think lawyers are set in their ways, but learning how to “think like a lawyer” has allowed me to see more sides to every story, something that was difficult for me before. I have learned to appreciate that most things in life come in shades of gray rather than black or white.


70º F


Dan Woods

Dan Woods '77
Partner, Musick Peeler
Surprisingly, one of my fondest memories of law school is the work we did on the law review.