Justin Bubenik '15

Hometown: Happy Valley, Oregon
Undergraduate: North Carolina State University

USC caught my eye not only because of its reputation as one of the top law schools in the country, but because it was able to offer small class sizes that allowed me to bond with my peers on a more personal level. USC Gould has made me a much more thoughtful person and forced me into a mindset where I consider every alternative view. Additionally, it has made me much more aware of the interplay between the law and every other field or discipline. During my time at USC I have been able to get involved with the Student Bar Association, which has allowed me to represent my fellow students’ interests to the faculty and administration, and the opportunity to further cultivate my leadership and communication skills– while participating in and planning some great events.


60º F


John Peterson

John Peterson '95
Attorney, Riley Warnock & Jacobson
USC contacts opened the door for every opportunity that I have had in my legal career.